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Waterloo Dental Associates understands that you may have a fear or phobia of the dentist. That's okay! We cater to people who have dental anxiety and may be apprehensive coming to the dentist! We will ensure that you are comfortable throughout whatever procedure you are undergoing. We also offer anxiety controlling aids such as laughing gas. Call our office at 319-233-3506 if you have any questions!

Patient Testimonial:Jennifer shares how comfortable she felt with Dr. Aldrich and staff!

Jennifer is a new patient at Waterloo Dental Associates and makes over an hour drive just to come to our office. Read More

Patient Testimonial:Ben talks about his experiences as a patient of Waterloo Dental Associates!

Ben has been trusting Dr. Aldrich and the staff of Waterloo Dental Associates for some time. The results: leaving with a clean, healthy smile every time! Read More

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