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Keep up with Toothy's adventures!!! (updated daily)

December 1, 2015
Posted By: Brittni

Look who dropped in today for the month of December! Meet Toothy!! What a perfect landing!! Check in to ur website daily or on our social media sites to keep up with his adventures! But don't forget to brush and floss because he will be watching!




Day two! Toothy was hanging out in Hailey's operatory!!


Day #3 Keep on smiling, the best is yet to come! Toothy was in the waiting room this morning!
Day 4 We came into the office this morning and Tooth was hanging out with his friends!
Day 5! Today we found Toothy donating to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank to
Day 5 Toothy donated to the North East Iowa Food Bank!


Day 6 We found toothy getting into our scratch cupcakes!


Toothy was working on his brushing this weekend! 



Toothy got a little tangled up! Don't forget to floss!


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