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March 28, 2018
Posted By: Chris Aldrich

Our Monday Smile Makeover!

Do you feel like your teeth are more worn or shorter than they used to be? Do you feel like the gaps in between your teeth have increased in size? Do you feel like your teeth are more sensitive? Does your jaw feel tired in the morning when you wake up?

These and other complaints are things we hear commonly at Waterloo Dental Associates. Wear and tear does not have to occur to your teeth. It is not part of the normal "aging" process. A person's bite can be destructive to their teeth. Things such as nocturnal bruxism (clenching/grinding at night), biting dysfunction, acid reflux, acidic foods and beverages, etc. can cause all the things mentioned above. 

The good news, there is a solution! Let your dentist know about some of the symptoms or things you are noticing about your teeth. For example, something like nocturnal bruxism can be helped with an orthotic appliance (a guard worn at night). Or you can revive your smile with a rehabilitation such as our patient pictured. Let us or your dentist know how we can help!

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